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The Luis Vallejo bonsai collection is considered one of the best bonsai collections outside of Japan in terms of variety and quality of its specimens. It has been awarded in the most important national and international competitions.

The collection has native specimens designed by Luis Vallejo and specimens of Japanese Masters, such as; Masahiko Kimura, Saburo Kato, Hiroshi Takeyama or Shinji Suzuki,

It has about 200 copies currently exhibited in the Bonsai Luis Vallejo Museum, in Alcobendas, within the so-called Japanese Garden; Built in 1995 and designed by Luis Vallejo in collaboration with the architect Antón Dávila.

Within the activities in the Japanese cultural summer, the last august 21th ,we made a virtual visit at the Luis Vallejo Bonsai Garden where we can find one of the best collection of Bonsai out side Japan.
Presented by Luis Vallejo.

August, 21 Madrid

Schedules and contact

The museum will remain temporarily closed until further notice.
Sorry for the inconvenience

Museo Bonsái Luis Vallejo
Av. Olimpica s/n . Arroyo de la Vega. Alcobendas.

T. +34 91 765 20 41

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